How I Serve Sellers

The great value that I bring to the table when selling a property for you is in the package of services that assures taking a potential seller and guiding him through all the complex stages involved in the selling process and that concludes with a check when the deal is closed. I will assist you in all the steps involving a sale such as:

Evaluate Your Property

When evaluating your home I will give you an accurate ans honest oppinion with ideas and strategies to get the most out of your sale.

Price Your Home Right

The price you put your home on the market for will have a serious affect on whether you make any actual profit, how large that profit will be, and for how long you will have to wait to make your sale. This is where your my knowledge will prove vital.

Market Updates

Markets are very dynamic, and it it very important that you as a seller understand what changes are going on so we can adjust and sell your property for the most amount of money and in the shortest period of time.

Price Negotiations

We all dream of the perfect buyer with asking price offers and a sudden love for your home. However, sadly that’s not the case and they usually offer less than whant you expect to get. I’ll help you to respond to offers and counter offers unemotionally and with the very best end result.

Inspections & Repair Negotiations

Agreeing in the price is not the only thing that you will have to negotiate. There are many moving parts such as inspections, repairs, closing costs that if they are not negotiated correctly can make you lose your deal.

Contract to Closing Process

There are many steps from having an executed contract to a closed one. There are a number of tasks, deadlines, inspections, that have to happen  in order for you to close your deal. I will be on top of all these steps making sure that your transaction is organized and closes in a timely manner.